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    What Type of Stone Flooring Is Right for Your Home?

    Last updated 15 hours ago

    Stone floors are strong, durable, and offer a natural beauty for your interior design. If you are thinking of adding some stone to your décor, use the following tips to choose the right kind for your home:

    For thousands of years, royalty and members of the upper class preferred the beauty of marble floors. With a unique aesthetic appeal that cannot be recreated, marble is a stunning addition to your home’s design. It has a tendency to stain easily, but that can add more character to the stone. Marble absorbs water, which means it usually best to use it inside the home.

    Granite is one of the hardest natural stone materials on the market. If you want a tile floor that can stand up to wear and tear in your home, you might want to opt for granite. You can easily use granite inside or outside.

    Add some warmth to your interior with beautiful travertine tiles. Although travertine is softer than other types of stone, it brings a matte finish that can tie together your entire décor. There are also a huge variety of colors and styles from which to choose.

    Slate is one of the most popular styles of natural stone to use for flooring because it comes from metamorphic rock that can easily be split. Slate tile offers an interesting aesthetic appeal that can cater to a variety of décor styles, which makes it a versatile option for any home.

    When you are ready to see how natural stone can enhance your home, come to Houston Custom Carpets. As the top flooring store in Kingwood and Humble, we make it easy to find materials that can benefit your interior. To learn more about our selection of natural stone or engineered hardwood, visit us online or call (832) 412-1151. 

    Tips for Vacuuming Your Hardwood Floors

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Dust can severely mar the aesthetic appeal of your hardwood floor. If you remove the beater bar from your vacuum, you can use the appliance to get rid of dust and other dirt that could negatively affect your floor.

    When you vacuum to get rid of dust, be sure to move the machine with the grain of the wood. Move the vacuum gently across the floor to get rid of the dust without causing damage. Learn more in this video.

    With the amazing selection of engineered hardwood floors available at Houston Custom Carpets, you can finally get the aesthetic appeal you want for your home. Come in today to browse through our flooring options. To learn more, call (832) 412-1151. 

    Floor Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

    Last updated 14 days ago

    It is not impossible to have beautiful floors if you own pets. As long as you properly care for them, you can enjoy the look and feel of a clean and well-maintained floor:

    Take Advantage of Area Rugs
    Offer your floors an extra barrier of protection against the pets with a few well-placed area rugs that can trap hair and prevent scratches. It is much easier to clean an area rug than an entire engineered hardwood floor. Place area rugs on the spots of your floors that see the most traffic to prevent pet issues before they even happen.

    Vacuum or Sweep Regularly
    Regular cleaning can get rid of pet hair and dander that might eventually ruin your floors. If you have carpet, vacuum at least once a week so you do not have hair falling down into the fibers. If you have engineered hardwood, use a clean mop or cloth to wipe up hair and other dirt that could scratch the surface of your beautiful floors.

    Cut Your Pet’s Nails
    Prevent scratches before they happen by keeping your animal’s nails short and neatly trimmed. You might want to take the animal in to the professionals so you can ensure that the nails are at just the right length so they will not cause any issues.

    Clean Up Messes as Soon as They Happen
    The best chance you have to prevent permanent pet stains is to attack them as soon as they happen. Whether your dog uses the rug as the bathroom or your cat brings in a special surprise from outside, fast action helps you avoid permanent stains.

    When you need to replace your floors, Houston Custom Carpets is here for you. From carpets to engineered hardwood, we offer some of the best selections of flooring in Kingwood and Humble. To learn more, visit us online or call (832) 412-1151. 

    Top Reasons to Choose Wool Carpets

    Last updated 21 days ago

    Finding the right material for your carpets helps you make the best investment into your home. Wool carpet is beautiful, durable, and comfortable enough to enhance your entire décor. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this kind of carpet:

    Wool carpets bring superior performance. Since wool is a natural material, it wears better than other styles. Not only is it fire retardant, but it also is self-extinguishing. Wool carpets bring superior value, comfort, and quality to a home and they will bring you plenty of joy.

    Come to Houston Custom Carpets today to learn more about this and other flooring styles that can enhance the look and the feel of your home. As one of the top flooring stores in the Kingwood and Humble area, we make it easy to find the perfect materials for your home needs. To learn more about our impressive selection, visit us online or call (877) 714-3435. 

    Tips for Selecting Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Granite countertops are of the most popular features in homes because they offer a unique beauty and the durability you need to keep up with life in your kitchen. Use the following tips to figure out how to choose the perfect counters for your home:

    Browse through the Showroom
    Start your search in the store by taking a walk through the many granite countertop options. Pay attention to which styles draw your eye so you can instantly narrow your selection. Once you have a smaller group from which to choose, it is easier to make a selection.

    Take a Few Samples Home
    The only way to truly know how a countertop will work in your home is to see it at home. Take some samples from the store back to your house so you can see how they look next to the rest of your kitchen décor. This also gives you a chance to check out the granite countertops with the lighting in your kitchen so you can determine if it has the same aesthetic effect as it did in the store.

    Shop for What You Like
    As long as you have done your research and know what you need, you should base most of your decision on what you like. Stay true to your personal style to find an option that really works with your home décor. As long as you shop for what you like, your new granite countertops will fit right in with your home design.

    Come to Houston Custom Carpets to find the right granite countertops for all of your needs. We also have a great selection of hardwood flooring and carpet options to help you complete your home décor. To learn more about our Kingwood products and services, visit us online or call (877) 714-3435. 

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